Why Google Buzz Is a Bust—Especially for Black Folks

The ubiquity of Google Buzz can be a dangerous thing for buppies straddling W.E.B. DuBois’ world of dual identities. Which is to say, you might want to think twice before you post your Lil’ Kim karaoke pics.

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Of course, all of these settings can be altered so that you’re not accidentally blasting your private or selective thoughts to your entire universe of acquaintances. But it’s too easy for Google Buzz, with its user-friendly look and feel, to unintentionally cause you to merge identities in ways that may forever change the way your “work friends” view you. And while it may be a unifying gesture to expose them to your music and your mindset, you want to be sure to do it on your own terms—not Google’s.

Rachel Skerritt is a novelist and chief of staff for Boston Public Schools.

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