Some Black Pro-Lifers Say Abortion Is Genocide

That message is gaining traction, judging by the furor over anti-abortion billboards featuring black babies and a controversial Georgia bill.

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King said the black clergy's pro-life stance is nothing new, and that in fact they have been involved in the fight since the 1950s. Her own personal history turned King into an ardent supporter. She received two abortions in the 1970s and said she is still is filled with deep regret. She believes the abortions later caused a miscarriage. Not only are abortions destroying the black race, King said, but they also have a profound psychological impact on women.

"I went away from my pro-life roots and was beguiled by the women's rights movement until I had a deeper understanding of pro-choice,'' she said. "Then I came back to my roots. I'm glad to see today that the procreative reproductive health movement is finally being understood.''

Lynette Holloway is a Chicago-based writer. She is a former New York Times reporter and associate editor for Ebony magazine.

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