Obama Trial Gets Underway

Trial for what you ask? Being a long-legged mack daddy CIA operative, of course.


Just in case you forgot, Rev. James David Manning is putting the President on trial at Columbia. Dave Weigel reminds us

The subject of the trial: the conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was a “C.I.A. operative” in 1981, and that he “supplied arms, logistics, and money” to the Mujahideen “using his Muslim background.”


Background here. Rev. James David Manning is, arguably, the most amusing character in the Obama conspiracy underground — his big moment came when Drudge linked to a video of Manning blasting Obama as a “long-legged mack daddy,” but he really hasn’t slowed down.

I checked with Columbia University to see whether the event was on the official calender. “Sometimes we have people rent out our space,” said a spokeswoman, “and other events are sponsored by the college, … but I’m not really sure that this event you’re describing is something we would do.”