Paterson Claims He Leaked Story To Media

Calling the NY governor's handlers (whoever is left). Come in now!


He can't be serious. Even if David Paterson's latest claims are true, why didn't he reveal that he leaked the scandal before it became a scandal? Sounds like it's time for a political intervention, or at least professional crisis management...Oh wait, his press secretary just resigned.

New York Gov. David Paterson said Thursday that he was the first to reveal a conversation he had with a woman at the center of a domestic violence scandal, the second consecutive day the once-silent governor defended his actions.

The distinction is important for Paterson, who is trying to show he has nothing to hide amid two scandals that threaten his administration. He insists he did nothing wrong when he talked to Sherr-una Booker in February.

A special counsel is investigating whether Paterson illegally tried to get her to drop an abuse complaint against aide David Johnson or violated a state gift ban by accepting free World Series tickets, then lied about it. Paterson also denies wrongdoing in the latter case.