Not All Americans Have Enough Access to Water

Among the deprived are 1 percent of blacks in several Southern states. Meet one community.

Robert Martin, Lewis Carson, Jenise Davis (Katti Gray)

“When you look at the fact that everybody else around us has running water, what is happening makes no sense,” says Watson, a nurse. Meanwhile, retiree Martin says, he and his neighbors will remain resolute and make do.

Until Drew-Ruleville Rd. gets a real water system: duct tape and hope.

“The people came out last week and drilled for three days, and they wasn’t making no progress,” he says. “They drilled down about 200 feet until they got to rockbed. They said they sometimes run into problems like that. They said they would come out again in two weeks and try it again.”

Katti Gray is a New York-based freelancer. Gray writes for Newsday, Jet, Essence, Diverse: Issues In Higher Education, Daily Yonder and other news outlets.

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