Ugandan Anti-Gay Minister Shows Congregation Gay Porn

Martin Ssempa is a guy that really likes to leave an impression.

This is…aggressive. Martin Ssempa is not a fan of homosexuality and to make sure his congregation knew what homosexuality entailed, showed a few skin flicks and pictures while explaining his position

“The major argument homosexuals have is that what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms is nobody’s business but do you know what they do in their bedrooms?,” he told the crowd of 300, which included children.

Ssempa’s actions came after Ugandan lawmakers tabled a bill that would enforce various punishments, including death penalties, for homosexual practices.

While popular in Uganda, the bill provoked international outrage, with President Barack Obama calling it “odious

While showing graphic pornographic pictures to the crowd, Ssempa described the images. “This one is eating another man’s anus,” he said of one, before going into more graphic descriptions.

“Is this what Obama wants to bring to Africa?” he asked the crowd.

So…did this dude sit down with the footage and edit for content?

And no big deal Mr. Ssempa, buuuuut if you showed this footage to three hundred people…a fair amount of them were aroused. Nice try though.