Single-Minded: There’s A Thin Line Between Love and Lunacy

Just ask John Mayer’s exes. Love can make you crazy. Really, really crazy.

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Much like kids, crazy people say the darndest things.

In was on Feb. 5, 2007, when astronaut Lisa Nowak traveled nearly 900 miles to “talk” to her lover’s lover with the aid of a steel mallet, diapers and latex gloves. While being interrogated by the police, Nowak described her affair with fellow space cowboy William Oefelein as “more than a working relationship, but less than a romantic relationship.” I’d found my muse—“the crazy astronaut lady”—and started writing a book.

She became the awesome crazy I measured my own bizarre love life against. If I came up not smelling like dirty, astronaut diapers, I was good—sort of.

Now exactly three years later, a guitar-strumming superstar that shoots from the hipster has stolen the love scene. Despite being more than an idiot, but less than a lunatic, in his interview with Playboy magazine John Mayer had some pretty salient points to make about voluntary social segregation, why “good guys” dodge commitment and something weird but explicable about ninjas. Unfortunately, all of that got lost in Mayer’s careless attempt to “intellectualize” race relations way beyond his paygrade, temporarily alienating a fraction of his fan base and clouding the genius of quotes like this:

“My ability to commit and be faithful is old soul. But 32 just comes roaring out of me at points when I don’t see it coming. I want to dance. I want to get on an airplane and be like a ninja.” Granted, admitting to the world that you entertain fantasies of being ninja-like is eccentric and somewhat self-indulgent. But Mayer’s broader implication is about the disconnect between what others (read: women) expect of him, what he expects of himself and his natural 32-year-old inclination to do dumb shit.