Michael Jackson's Funeral Nominated for NAACP Image Award

If you're waiting for a punchline, it's not coming...


As you might imagine, some people are outdone. Mack over on Sound Savvy had this to say

As if the world didn’t make enough of a spectacle about this man’s life and death, the NAACP takes it one tasteless step further and nominates Michael Jackson’s funeral for an IMAGE AWARD? According to the NAACP Image Awards website, Michael Jackson’s Memorial service is nominated in the category of Outstanding Variety – (Series or Special)...Since when is a man’s funeral a competition to win an award?? Performances or not, I find this tasteless, insensitive and downright degrading to the memory of the King of Pop.

Perhaps the best reaction came from Twitter, where people had a field day with the #ImageAwards hashtag.

Come on, NAACP. Come on.