The Civil Rights Movement's Unfinished Business

Green for All promotes MLK's Dream in the Green era...


America is struggling.

Families strive to make ends meet while facing an uncertain economic future. The deterioration of our environment – rather than slowing – continues to gain speed. At a moment when we need every opportunity possible, climate change threatens the lives and livelihoods of vulnerable people at home and around the world.

We are all impacted by these hard times, but it is the historically disadvantaged – people of color and low-income communities – who find themselves at the point of the spear.

This challenge is the Civil Rights Movement’s unfinished business.

As we seek solutions and look for strength, it is fitting to turn to Dr. King and the movement he represented, a struggle for equality and justice.

The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s shifted the hearts, minds, and laws of our nation.  The solutions to today’s challenge must be no less sweeping, and our movement no less powerful, righteous, or relentless.

For all of his strength and grace, Dr. King was also the face of a movement of tens of thousands of people who struggled daily for a better existence.  Their work was not glamorous; their courage didn’t make the evening news.  But these ordinary people, their ordinary battles, are what comprised the Civil Rights Movement – and what changed our nation.

We are not without heroes today, heroes whose leadership is often as moving as Dr. King’s.  President Obama is an inspiration to a grassroots movement – people who do what they can to improve their communities and to help America live up to its promise.  But as we honor President Obama for his leadership as we look towards the anniversary of his inauguration, we must look beyond the hero to the energy and solutions that power his inspiration.