12 Cheeses of Christmas

This holiday season, it’s all about getting your cheese on. Bon appétit.


Luxuriously creamy yet delicate, Kunik is the perfect cheese for any gathering that includes champagne. It’s made at the Nettle Meadow Farm in Warrensburg, N.Y., from a combination of goat milk with a bit of Jersey cow cream ladled in to make it even richer. It’s great on its own or in combination with fig jam. In addition to sparkling wine, it pairs wonderfully with sweet white wines and fruitier reds.

Midnight Moon

Sweet and direct, aged goudas are the perfect crowd pleasers. Midnight Moon is a goat milk gouda with notable overtones of ripe fruit and fresh herbs. It’s made in Europe to the specifications of the Cypress Grove Creamery, and it set the standard for flavor and quality among many firm goat milk cheese (which are smoother in the finish than their softer counterparts). It pairs very nicely with most reds, dry whites and many holiday ales.


Nutty, fruity and delicately balanced, Comte is one of the best distributed of the great European alpine cheeses. It melts into fondue beautifully, but it melts on the tongue even better. The gentle flavors are distinctive without being overpowering; that makes it an ideal companion to even the most complex red wines and nearly all white wines. Comte also pairs well with India Pale Ales and strong Barleywine ales.