Author and journalist Farai Chideya asks her Tweet fam a few questions about relationships, marriage and monogamy. Answers in 140 characters or less.


I have 3,800 Twitter followers and asked them if they would discuss issues of relationship and fidelity for publication. I asked these specific four questions:

Question 1: Is it really true that being rich, famous, a pro athlete changes the game so that a man MUST be expected to cheat?

Question 2: If men at the top of their game do get a pass for bad behavior, is it the women who are allowing/inspiring this behavior? Or men?

Question 3: Are most millennial/Gen X relationships today assumed to be transactional (I give/I get) vs. being based on unconditional love?

Question 4: Would you see viable alternatives to marriage or monogamy that would be more respectful than the cheater game. & they wld be..? .