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Fort Hood: Who Messed Up?

As officials investigate the Fort Hood shootings, questions arise concerning possible agency missteps...


Questions swirl in the days following the deadly shooting at Ft. Hood and people are getting their pointing fingers ready. The main question: Who failed where and how did it happen? From the Washington Post:

[F]inger-pointing in Washington intensified Tuesday about whether officials at several agencies had failed to coordinate as they tracked the suspect's activities or to react to possible warning signs in the months before the attack


Hasan, a psychiatrist who had worked at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, came to the attention of two Joint Terrorism Task Forces in December, as he corresponded by e-mail as many as 20 times with radical imam Anwar al-Aulaqi, who has exhorted followers in the United States, Britain and elsewhere to pursue violent jihad, or holy war. The task of vetting Hasan fell to a Defense Department analyst on the D.C.-area task force, who searched the doctor's background, employment records and other paperwork. The analyst concluded that the chatter was innocent, in keeping with Hasan's research interests, and that he did not have links to terrorism, two government officials said Tuesday.

Authorities closed the matter this spring, opting against a full-blown investigation.

So...someone's gonna lose their job over this right?