New Jack, Old Jack: Will Obama Posthumously Pardon Ex-Champ?

White House mum on whether or not the president will pardon boxer Jack Johnson...


His first crime? Beating down white boxers.

His worst crime? Daring to have a sexual relationship with a white woman.

Such is the saga of Jack Johnson, former heavyweight champion who, in 1913, was jailed for ten months for violating the Mann Act, which prohibited the transportation of women across state lines for "immoral purposes."

As you're hopefully aware, Johnson was the victim of outlandish bigotry and members of the Congress and Senate want to right that wrong. In an initiative spearheaded by John McCain and Peter King, both Houses have passed a resolution to pardon the former champion.

Now the decision lies with President Obama and the White House isn't showing their hand in this regard.

...Doesn't Obama kinda sorta have to toss a pardon Johnson's way. Sure, he can be deliberate about it but...come on.