NFL Rushes Past Rush’s Pass Rush

The winners and losers of the lost Limbaugh NFL ownership bid.


Last week on the air, Rush Limbaugh gleefully pronounced that the only thing more embarrassing to President Barack Obama than attaching himself to Chicago’s losing 2016 Olympic bid was being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for “telling everyone how much our country sucks.”

That's unless a cabal of industry titans and media moguls tells you: “We don’t want your money.”

After NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell publicly disassociated the league from Limbaugh’s divisive rhetoric, saying “I wouldn’t want to see those comments coming from people who are in a responsible position in the NFL,” the investor group bidding to purchase the St. Louis Rams reportedly announced that Limbaugh was being dropped from the group so that controversy surrounding Limbaugh and his past comments wouldn’t interfere with their acquisition.

That’s how America’s right wing, talk radio king got dumped by his cronies: His reputation as a race-baiter was getting in their way of buying a team that employed a bunch of African-American millionaires. The guy who got rich talking trash learned that in pro sports, money talks and bullshit watches at home on TV like everyone else.

Touchdown, capitalism.

Winner: The Free Market

It’s going to be a bitter pill for right wingers to swallow, but they have to admit that in this case, their beloved free market sorted everything out.

Limbaugh is paid millions for his commentary: He said Pro Bowler Donovan McNabb is overrated because “the media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well.” He’s compared NFL player conduct to “the Bloods and the Crips.”

But just like Limbaugh’s business depends on white male angst, football is a business that aggressively markets—and guards—a product dependent on black male talent. Limbaugh’s ouster wasn’t censorship. It was a cartel sensing they’d hitched their wagon to the wrong ass.

Winner: Rev. Al Sharpton