Weezy F. Baby May Spend Quiet Time Up North

Lil' Wayne pleads guilty to 2007 weapons' charges stemming from an incident in New York...

Even Mr. Carter didn’t say “Skate, Wayne!” on this one.

Rapper Lil’ Wayne pleaded guilty today to weapons’ charges stemming from a search of his tour bus following a show in New York City in 2007.

There is supposedly credible DNA evidence linking him to the firearm–though attorneys are still battling over the veracity of that claim. Still, it appears Wayne is going to cop a plea. From MTV:

Now, after months of delays in the case, that DNA evidence could be the deciding factor in the matter. While Richman could not be reached for comment at press time, AllHipHop.com reported on Wednesday that Wayne, 27, is planning to accept a plea deal that would result in an eight-month jail term. Quoting an anonymous source close to the case, the site said the guilty plea could come as early as Thursday and would have Wayne beginning his bid in February.

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