Fall TV: A ROOT Guide

Watch this. DVR this. Definitely skip that.

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It's a highly stylized ‘60s period drama. The show's directors and producers have paid super-close attention to detail. But some critics say it's missing an appropriate amount of racial context. While the critics debate, tune in—and make your own "Mad Men" avatar.

DVR This: Mario's Green House (TV One) at 6 p.m.

TV One is slowly but surely stepping up its original-series game. But its reality show, Mario's Green House, which documents the attempt by Mario Van Peebles' family to build an eco-friendly home, is way too scripted. However: his father, Mr. Sweet Sweetback himself, is must-see TV. At 77, he hasn't lost any of his spunk—or his ability to mack on women. Watch the promo.

Watch This: Trauma (NBC) at 9 p.m.

Derek Luke stars in this high-octane medical drama. It's a worthy antidote to Grey's Anatomy. Watch the promo.