Charlie Rangel'd? The Ethics Investigation Expands

An investigation into Charlie Rangel's personal finances will expand, according to the House ethics committee...


The Charlie Rangel saga continues.

The House ethics committee announced yesterday that the further plan to put their shoe in the Democrat from New York who heads up the Ways and Means Committee and who seems to have and extra $500K laying around, which is a cause for concern.

MSNBC's First Read has a very nice round-up of the Rangel goings-on:

The New York Post on the investigation: “The panel said it has issued nearly 150 subpoenas, interviewed 34 witnesses resulting in 2,100 pages of transcripts, reviewed and analyzed more than 12,000 pages of documents, and held more than 30 investigative meetings.”

The New York Daily News reports that the panel is "'highly likely' to wrap up its work before the end of the year after taking Rangel's testimony. The strongest sanction could be an embarrassing but essentially toothless recommendation for censure. Rangel's ultimate fate as head."

The Washington Post's Eugene Robinson warns House Democrats they ought to be more pro-active in condemning Charlie Rangel's behavior.

"The real problem, though, is the overall portrait of a wealthy and privileged congressional pasha to whom ordinary rules don't apply. It's a picture that obscures Rangel's long and tireless work in the House on behalf of the needy and dispossessed. It pains me to see his record tarnished, because I like and admire the guy. But he's the one who did the tarnishing.

So...did you hear? Barack Obama totally just won the Nobel Peace Prize! *Buzz throws incendiary device and scurries away as you stare at your screen confused*