Blame It on the O-O-O-O-O-O-Oprah! Houston Loses Voice on ‘GMA’

She's no spring chicken...


Whitney Houston gave a free performance in Central Park Tuesday for ‘Good Morning America.’ Fans lined up early to see the diva in action. If only her voice had done the same. From the New York Daily News:

Whitney Houston struggled with her voice during her much-hyped comeback performance on “Good Morning America” Tuesday.

The Grammy-winning diva apologized to the 5,000-person crowd for overusing her famous pipes before taking the stage in Central Park to promote her new album “I Look to You.”

“I’m so sorry. I did ‘Oprah.’ I’ve been talking for so long. … I talked so much, my voice,” she said, trailing off.

“I shouldn’t be talking. I should be singing,” she said before breaking into her final, crowd-pleasing number, “I’m Every Woman.”

Voices age, even the great ones.