Hope He Had Insurance: Dude Has Finger Bitten Off at Health Care Rally

Homie really needs that public option now...


A California man is minus a finger after a scrap at a health care rally. From NewsOne:

An estimated 100 supporters of healthcare reform affiliated with MoveOn.org had gathered as part of a nationwide array of pre-Labor Day rallies to attract attention in support of Obama’s reform plans currently before Congress.

Instead, the rally attracted the attention of a group of anti-healthcare-reform protesters across the street.
Initial police reports say that one pro-protester moved into the group of anti-protesters.

A scuffle ensued. And the pro-protester had a finger bitten off. (Updated at 8:18 a.m.: Conflicting later reports indicate the biter was a healthcare proponent and the now nine-fingered man an opponent.)
The injured man walked to Los Robles Hospital with his finger for, well, healthcare.