Canada, Hide Your Strippers: Pacman Jones Signs with CFL Team

Good to know the recession isn't affecting the very best among us...


Maybe they don't have TVs in Canada.

If they did, perhaps the CFL's Winnipeg Blue Bombers would think better of signing cornerback/punt returner/exotic dancer enthusiast Adam 'Pacman' Jones to a one-year deal.

From ESPN:

Jones also will be able to play on both sides of the ball in the CFL, which still has 10 weeks remaining in its season

The Cowboys acquired Jones from the Tennessee Titans during the draft in April 2008, after he was suspended by the league for the entire 2007 season following multiple off-field incidents while with the Titans.

But during the 2008 season, Jones was suspended for six games by the NFL after getting into an alcohol-related scuffle in October with a team-provided bodyguard at a Dallas hotel. He spent part of that suspension in an alcohol rehabilitation program.

Before going to Dallas, Jones was arrested six times and involved in 12 instances requiring police intervention after Tennessee drafted him in the first round in 2005.

How's the health insurance for Canadian exotic dancers?