Remember the War in Afghanistan? There's a Progress Report Coming Out

And President Obama will have that as light reading as he continues his vacation...


Quiet as kept, we're still at war with Afghanistan and Wenesday, the president is expecting a progress report from the general in charge, Stanley McChrystal. From The Washington Post:

McChrystal, who commands both U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan and authored the report, calls the situation there "serious" but salvageable. The assessment is widely seen as the first step toward a likely request for more troops, money and other resources for the war.

The situation in Afghanistan poses a political conundrum for the president, who is caught between his liberal base, which is increasingly skeptical about the war, and his commanders, who want more resources to win it.

Speaking at a gaggle with reporters on Tuesday, Gibbs said that the president will take "some form" of the report with him to Camp David. But Gibbs stressed that the assessment was in effect a continuation of a daily conversation that Obama has with his commanders in Afghanistan and would not be the sole factor in any coming decisions about troop levels.

One of these wars has to end.