Ex-Inmate Attempts to Break Into Jail, Fails

Sir, you didn't have to leave in the first place...


A gem from the AP:

Barbed Wire - 1; Sylvester Jiles - 0

The Florida man, who recently copped a plea deal in a manslaughter case, suffered severe cuts trying to scale the 12-foot fence at Brevard County Detention Center on Monday.

Why? Because he feared revenge from family members of his victim.

He expressed his concerns to jail officials who said that he couldn't just crash with them without actually being a ward of the state.

Rather than file a police report, Jiles took matters into his one hands and got tuned up by the barbed wire. He's still recovering in the hospital as of this posting.

Lesson: Don't kill people, cop pleas and expect everything to be hunky-dory on the outside.