Chris Brown Looks Innocent

If only he sounded innocent, too. In an exclusive interview with Larry King, the pop star divulges surprisingly little about his history of abuse and his relationship with Rihanna.

Getty Images

Chris Brown was never supposed to be this kind of boy. Mothers always warn their daughters about those other types: the Lil Waynes, the Mike Tysons; the “tough guys” with rap sheets as harsh as their public personas. That guy was not doe-eyed, dimple-cheeked Chris Brown.

Or at least not until seven months ago.

Before the headlines and guilty plea, he had the hearts of many a young girl. He was the very definition of bubble-gum pop. Young and talented, handsome and charismatic: Chris Brown was the black blogosphere version of homecoming king, with a letterman jacket to boot.

Sitting across from Larry King on Wednesday night, donning a baby-blue sweater and matching bow tie, the 20-year-old singer did his best to look the part and win back his crown.

But the re-ascension attempt was none too successful.

Days before airing the interview, CNN released preview clips of Chris’ reaction to the crazed events that brought him to this point: It’s crazy to me. I’m like ‘wow.’

What's really crazy is how little the interview revealed about what happened that night in February as Chris and his former girlfriend, fellow singer Rihanna, headed to a pre-Grammy Awards party. “It’s personal,” Chris asserts, refusing to go into detail about the incident. But anyone with a Twitter account could tell you the facts.

And the facts weren't pretty. The police report told a battered and bruised Robyn F., later confirmed to be Rihanna. Then came the photo of her with two black eyes and a fat lip. And eight hours after the incident, Chris turned himself in, eventually pleading guilty on June 22nd to felony assault.