A.I.’s Memphis Blues

After lackluster stats in Detroit, Allen Iverson will have to prove that his last season was just a fluke. Will his route to a ring have to run through Memphis?

David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images
David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

The Miami Heat and the New York Knicks are also often mentioned as possible homes for Iverson. But the Knicks have yet to make a serious offer, and Miami has a shooting guard that you may have heard of—Dwyane Wade—which means minutes and the opportunity to play his accustomed starring role would probably be an issue. In addition, Miami is over the luxury tax threshold, which means for every dollar the Heat pays Iverson they would pay another dollar as penalty to the league. In other words, Iverson may have no choice but to plan a visit to Graceland. 

Iverson in Memphis wouldn’t be the worst scenario. It would provide him with an opportunity to prove that last season was a fluke or the result of a bad fit in Detroit rather than evidence of a severe decline in his skills. If he does, then he may find himself dealt to a contender by the February trade deadline. Iverson has won the Most Valuable Player trophy, and he has been selected to 10 all-star games. He will be elected to the Hall of Fame. (All former MVPs have been inducted into the Hall.) The only thing his lengthy resume lacks is a championship. At this point in his career, Iverson’s route to a ring will be much more circuitous than any drive to the hoop.


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