The Root’s Summer Book List

Whether you like to spend the summer escaping with some juicy drama, learning tips for self-enhancement or getting caught up in beautiful wordplay, Books on the Root has compiled 30 reading suggestions to match any speed.

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In the Kitchen

By Monica Ali

Scribner, June 2009

Using the intense, hot and multicultural environment of a London restaurant kitchen as a backdrop, the packed novel centers on a troubled chef.

The King’s Rifle

By Biyi Bandele

Amistad, March 2009

Published originally in the U.K., the novel focuses on black African soldiers who fought in WWII, a story that until now has been severely overlooked.

Up at the College

By Michele Andrea Bowen

Grand Central, April 2009

The Essence best-selling Christian fiction author returns with her fourth novel about two souls searching for love, happiness and faith.

Sisters & Husbands

By Connie Briscoe

Grand Central, June 2009

Briscoe returns with her brand of love and life fiction in this anticipated sequel to Sisters & Lovers.

Jericho’s Fall

By Stephen L. Carter

Knopf, July 2009

What comes out when a former CIA head and Wall Street mogul is on his death bed? Secrets, foreign involvement and betrayal.

The True History of Paradise

By Margaret Cezair-Thompson

Random House, July 2009

Once out of print, this debut novel by the award-winning author of The Pirate’s Daughter has been brought back to life and tells the story of three women living in the harsh yet beautiful paradise that is Jamaica.

Life is Short but Wide

By J. California Cooper

Doubleday, March 2009

The treasured writer continues to impart wisdom, joy and relatable struggles through the colorful characters who inhabit a Midwestern town from the dawn of the 20th century.

An Elegy for Easterly

By Petina Gappah

Farrar, Straus and Giroux, June 2009