Labor Pains Worth it: Kelis Nets $40k a Month from Nas

Next time you're figuring out how to pay junior's tuition, try not to remember that's Kelis' grocery money for the month...

First things first: Nas, you have to take care of your kids and your ex-wife. There is no getting around that, and there shouldn’t be. And trying to get out of that is a sucker move.

But 40,000 dollars a month? That’s…a lot. Say that out loud. Forty thousand dollars per month. Yes; ex-wife and child have the right to live a lifestyle they are accustomed to, but aren’t there exentuating circumstances? Sure; Nas came to the relationship with more wealth, but didn’t Kelis have a few sheckles in her pocket? Couldn’t it at least be argued that she has a skill that could reasonably be parlayed into income? We don’t know about you, but The Buzz had heard of Kelis independent of Nas years ago. Because she’s a singer/performer/ art installation. Kelis has her own profile. For 40,000 dollars a month, a person should have no skill that could ever bring them close to living the lifestyle to which they are accustomed.

Thank goodness Kelis could secure that 40 per. How else could she maintain the lifestyle to which she is accustomed? It’s not like she’s a marginally-talented musician/ingenue who’s seen a degree of success in the music world. After she’s ready and able to go back to work, what are her job prospects? It’s not like she’s a famous singer or something. After reaching the settlement, Kelis said she planned to record another album sometime in the near never.

In other news, Nas is reaaaaally regretting that tattoo.