Not My Newports! Tobacco Bill Focuses on Menthol Cigarettes

The bill, giving the FDA the right to regulate cigarette products, is seen as discriminatory...


Maybe President Obama is a turncoat after all.

A man known to in a sqaure from time to time, he is expected to sign a bill giving the FDA the power to regulate tobacco products this week.

According to Reuters, the bill which will outlaw flavored cigarettes such as strawberry, clove and chocolate but did not go after menthol which accounts for 27 percent of the cigarette market. Smoked by 12 million nationwide, it is also the flavor of choice among 75 percent of Black smokers.

“Under the bill, the FDA must study the medical effects and marketing of menthol and its impact on blacks, Hispanics and other groups and report within 18 months. In theory, the FDA could then move to ban menthol cigarettes but some anti-smoking activists are skeptical the agency will do so.”

Some anti-smoking advocates wanted menthol added to the list of banned flavors, but have been told repeatedly that it would be the downfall of the bill (not to mention lead to people acting up).

Some are arguing this is the first step toward banning smoking completely. What do you think? Are we headed toward a brave new smoke-free world?