Stallworth to Plead Guilty in DUI Manslaughter Case

The wide receiver will face jail time for hitting a Miami construction worker after an evening of drinking...


Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth is set to face the music.

According to the Associated Press, Stallworth will plead guilty today to a DUI manslaughter charge and do some jail time for the death of 59-year old Mario Reyes whom he struck and killed in the early morning of March 14.

After an evening of drinking at the Fountainebleu Hotel, Stallworth climbed behind teh wheel of his Bentley and headed to one of the three homes he owns in the Miami area. He hit Reyes--who was rushing to catch a bus and was not in the crosswalk--after claiming he'd flashed his lights in an attempt to warn the pedestrian. Stallworth did stop immediately and told authorities on the scene that he'd hit Reyes.

At the time of the accident, Stallworth's blood-alcohol level was at .126, well above Florida's .08 limit.

Facing up to fifteen years in prison, Stallworth initially entered a not guilty plea, but reversed course and opted to plead guilty in exchange for a greatly-reduced sentence.