Shelter from the Storm: Housing Plans Announced for Katrina Victims

The Obama administration reveals plans to help 3,400 families affected by Katrina...


The Washington Post is reporting that roughly 3,400 families living in Gulf Coast shelters will be given around 1800 mobile homes for virtually nothing. In addition, $50M will be available in rental vouchers "for income eligible trailer occupants that move to target housing projects." The trailer program officially ended May 1 and FEMA began issuing eviction notices June 1. The administration hopes to close the program while humanely transitioning the dispossessed into more permanent residences. The FEMA-held mobile homes and park models are being sold for $5 and $1, respectively. It is not known what impact the transition with have on neighboring municipalities as some refuse to rezone in order to accomodate manufactured homes and some residence of temporary housing do not wish to leave their locale.