Video: Man Thwarts Robbery by Shooting Teen, then Shoots Him Five More Times

Store clerk Jerome Ersland is being charged with first-degree murder for his actions in stopping a store robbery...


57-year old war veteran Jerome Ersland has been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of 16-year old Antwun Parker in Oklahoma City. Parker had been a participant in an attempted convenience store robbery which Ersland thwarted when he shot Parker in the head. After pursuing the other suspect, Jevontia Ingraham, unsuccessfully, Ersland returned to the store, got another gun from behind the counter and shot the unarmed and unconcious Parker five more times. Some are praising Ersland as a hero while others are taking exception with the fact that a man who’d already shot a would-be assailant in the head felt the need to get another gun and shoot said assailant five additional times AFTER an unsuccessful pursuit of his accomplice. The ways that this smacks of Bernie Getz is sickening. What is going on in Oklahoma this week?