Iran to Recount Votes; Moussavi Wants Do-Over

More violence is feared as the presidential election controversy in Iran continues...


Iranian officials agreed to do a recount. Opposition leader Mir Hossein Moussavi wants a new election.

Iran's Guardian Council--a body made up of top clerics and judges--has agreed to recount the votes from last week's election. They have met with opposition leaders and asked which areas they felt recounts were necessary.

According to CNN, some are concerned that this approach allows for more government manipulation of votes. This action may have taken place already, given the fact that of the 53 million voter ballots printed, only 39 million have been accounted for. 

In the wake of yesterday's violence which left seven dead, Moussavi has today urged his supporters not to intend a planned protest rally in an effort to avoid clashes with supporters of incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.