How to Lose Your Saggy Skin

Even good skin has its limits. Here are a few tips on keeping your skin's elasticity after you lose weight.

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Skin is amazingly forgiving. It suffers abrasions, burns, sun damage and just plain hard living. Luckily, it can repair itself. Skin is incredibly elastic and adapts to cover us when our bodies change in shape and size.

But even good skin has its limits. Extreme weight gain and years of obesity stretches out skin, and once the weight is gone, the once buttery-soft skin is now flapping in the breeze. Imagine a rubber band that you stretch almost to the breaking point. If you let it go quickly, it will return to its normal size. But if you keep it extended for a long time, it loses its elasticity and will stay distended.

The same is true with skin, when it’s continuously overstretched, it can lose its ability to shrink back. However, there are things you can do to minimize the sag and help your skin form around your much smaller physique.

Lose Weight Fast, But Not Too Fast

By dropping pounds extremely fast, your skin is essentially shell-shocked and has no time to adjust to your rapidly shrinking frame. Better to take it off more slowly and follow the recommended 1 to 2 pounds per week. That way you’ll give your skin time to make small incremental adjustments. After all, you didn’t gain the weight overnight, so allow yourself more than a minute to lose it.


From Day One, your weight-loss plan has to include a regular exercise program. If not, you’ll be losing muscle as well as fat, and it’s that lean muscle mass that burns calories and ultimately replaces the fat. So by adding muscle, you’ll provide a strong sculpted base and healthy mold for your skin.

Be Kind to Your Dermis

Since healthy skin is more elastic, be good to your skin. Start by staying properly hydrated. Water is your skin’s natural cleansing system, and it helps to flush toxins and keeps your skin soft and healthy. And stay away from cigarettes. After sun exposure, smoking is the most harmful thing you can do to your skin. Smoking restricts blood flow and increases the production of an enzyme that breaks down the collagen, which is vital to skin’s elasticity.

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