Harvard Student Won't Graduate as Murder Investigation Continues

Chanequa Campbell has been barred from graduation activities as authorities continue to investigate the murder of a suspected drug dealer inside her Harvard dormitory...


The Boston Globe is reporting that Chanequa Campbell, an honors student at Harvard by way of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, will not be allowed to graduate as an investigation into her involvement last month's murder of Justin Cosby, a Cambridge man, in her dormitory. Campbell for her part has maintained her innocence, saying she is the victim of harsh punishment by the school because she is poor and Black from a background that makes her an easy target. She says she did not know Cosby, a suspected drug dealer, and has no idea how he came to be in her dormitory. She also claims to be unaware of how Copney, the longtime boyfriend of her good friend Brittany Smith who did not himself attend Harvard, gained access to the dormitory and why he would commit the crime there.