Eminem Willing to Suffer for his Art

How bad does Eminem want to move units? Booty-in-his-face bad...


Was it staged? Neither Bossip nor the good people of the NSA know for sure, but the fact is this: Eminem was involved in a MTV Movie Awards prank that left him more acquainted with the junk of Sacha Baron Cohen than he would probably like to be. During the Best Male Performer presentation at Sunday’s Award show, Cohen, in one of his stage alter-egos Bruno, descend from the rafters in an S&M get-up. While on this way to the stage, there was some sort of “wire malfunction” that caused his more reproductive half to land squarely on the head and shoulders of Eminem. The rapper immediately left the auditorium, probably grumbling “If this doesn’t get me to the million mark, I’m kicking some butt.”