Black Harvard Isn't Backing Chanequa Campbell's Play

Chanequa Campbell, barred from graduating because of involvement in a  murder investigation, threw down the race card. Her fellow classmates have yet to pick it up...


Ashton Lattimore, NewsOne contributor (and Harvard alum) has written an exclusive piece on why Black Harvard, a historically vocal group, has remained silent in light of the university not allowing Chanequa Campbell to graduate. The reason range from questions about Campbell's credibility to fear that their support will prevent them from being gainfully employed. The words of Campbell's fellow students, most on condition of anonymity, are fascinating. Rather than seem like betrayal, the accounts and thoughts presented highlight the nuances in the realities of upwardly-mobile student of color in the 21st century. If nothing else, the article paints an interesting picture of the other side of progress, the side where loyalty doesn't come about just because of racial affiliation.