Silly Boys, Naked Girls and TMZ Leaks

Enough with the naked cell phone pictures. Sure, celebs live for overexposure. But the PR ploys are getting tiresome.

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Clearly, it’s part of the job description, this celebrity compulsion to live life large, and largely in front of the camera. Even if that camera is attached to an iPhone. Blame it on the Madonna-ian philosophy (pre-Guy Ritchie, post-Truth or Dare) that members of the glitterati subscribe to: I am filmed, therefore, I am.

This week’s case study: Rihanna. Busy week for the Barbadian. There was Kanye, aiding and abetting with his release of a spanking new Rihanna/Lady Gaga collaboration*. “Silly Boy,” a free download posted on Kanye’s Web site, keeps the drama rolling in the Rihanna/Chris Brown, aka Chrihanna, saga:

So silly boy get out my face (my face)

Why do you like the way regrets taste?

So silly boy get out my hair my hair(get outta here)

No, I don’t want you no more (get outta here)

We can’t help but think that “Silly Boy” is a diversionary tactic, a newfangled Trojan horse in the war of image-making. After all, it was just days before that there was all this hullabaloo surrounding cell phone pics of what appeared to be a very naked Rihanna. (No, we won’t be posting those here.) And, as is the custom with these things, the pics were leaked along with rumors that there’s a sex tape out there, too.

This gets old.

A couple of months ago, Rihanna had to contend with those leaked pics of her very battered face, following her alleged abuse at the hands of Chris Brown. No fault of hers and a hearty thump on the head to whoever sent them flying out into the blogosphere. Without a doubt, that was an egregious invasion of Rihanna’s privacy. But the naked cell phone pics, if they are indeed of Rihanna, are something altogether different. (Her representatives have issued a cease-and-desist letter to the site posting the pictures, but otherwise have been silent on the matter.)