Why Exercise is Not Child's Play

Mike Tyson's daughter was killed while playing on a treadmill. How to keep your exercise space safe.


No matter what you think of Mike Tyson, it's impossible not to grieve for him after the death of his daughter, Exodus, this week. The 4-year-old was taken off life support on Tuesday, a day after catching her neck in a treadmill cable at her home in Phoenix, Ariz.

The accident was all the more tragic because it is the kind of horrific, split-second situation that could occur in countless homes every day, where exercise equipment often shares space with children's play areas.

If you're rethinking your home exercise area this week, you're not alone. Here are a handful of quick, easy suggestions on how to keep your exercise space as safe as possible.

Tips for a Safer Home Gym

·        Keep equipment out of reach. Many of us have a treadmill or stationary bike in the living room or family room. If you have the space, try to find a new location for your equipment that is more “off-limits” to your children. (Yes, even if that means moving it away from the TV.) If you don’t have the space, try to place safe barriers around the equipment to keep children away.

·        Talk to your children about exercise dos and don’ts. Discuss your workout routine and explain the potential injury that can occur if children play with or near equipment. Just make sure you explain this in a way that does not scare them. We don’t want our children to be afraid of exercise!

·        Don’t leave children alone near equipment. Children of all ages should be supervised while they are near the home gym equipment.