When Ice = Avant Garde

Three questions for DJ Spooky.

PM: Everything is political, everything. Tying your shoes is political. It’s really about existing in the everyday world and being aware that the economics of this financial crisis, for example, can affect what you put on your plate. Or for that matter, the price of gas is part of the index of commodities that goes into everything from the vinyl that I use in my record sets or the books I’m writing. They’re all based on petroleum. 

TR: Well, do you believe your work informs the social conversation?  

PM: Yeah, absolutely! It’s about that. That’s what I’d say the core of my thing is about. I want people to ask questions. I really think asking questions is the core of modern life. You really have to think about it as the unexamined life, as Socrates said. There is a great book that just recently came out by Cornel West talking about the examined life. I loved seeing Cornel West take on that. I’m here to ask questions.


k. Neycha Herford is a musician, writer, transformational counselor and new media journalist living in Brooklyn, New York. Read the full transcript here.