30s Rock

Here's the key to entering life's third decade and motherhood. Know thyself. Then get your sh*t together.


The answers may shock you—and the people who have known you since elementary school. You may decide that a solo fellowship in Spain isn’t as important as maintaining the fragile daily ecosystem of your family. Or that time with your significant other, the one person who is there for you when the whole world isn’t, is more important than getting a Ph.D. Or that you were put on this planet to become a Supreme Court justice, and everyone who loves you needs to get with the program.

Mothering in your 30s: Know thyself. And then, to thine own self be true.

Which doesn’t mean 30-something moms have it all figured out. We don’t, we just spend the whole decade trying, because we know if we don’t, our kids will pay the price. Their inner compass will be off, their sense of self off-kilter. If we lack clarity about our goals and objectives as human beings, they will, too.

Thirty-something moms are suddenly, uncannily familiar with the adage, If not now, when?

The rest is, well, the rest.