Taking the Pulse of ‘Gangsta Revolutionaries’

In a conversation with The Root, the hip-hop duo Dead Prez sounds off on their new mixtape, the good news about the economic slump and their thoughts about Obama’s presidency.

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The Root: At the height of the recent presidential race, you all released a song called “Politrikkks.” Why was it important for you to release that song at that particular time?

Stic: More than us trying to have a big debate on Obama’s legitimacy to the community … with “Politrikkks,” I wanted to make the distinction that we’re talking about the seat of the presidency, itself, and what that represents in terms of furthering the American white power agenda, even though it’s a black face in that seat.

The Root: Tell me about the new record.

Stic: Pulse Of The People, produced by DJ Green Lantern, is really just a pit stop before Information Age, which is our next full album.

M-1: If you know the stuff Green did on Nas’ The N Mixtape, that’s his production, the sound and grittiness of it, the concrete swag it has, is the sound of the production coming from Green.