M. Nahadr’s Eclectic Artistry

A conversation with performance artist M. Nahadr on her latest disc, 'EclecticIsM,' and what she calls her 'uniqueness.'

The Root: Yes, I do get it. But I also argue that it takes a while for people to get to that perspective and self-acceptance. I think all of us have been teased, especially during childhood for some perceived oddity, whether it’s wearing braces, being dark-skinned (or of fair complexioned), having freckles or whatever.

Nahadr: Indeed, it does. [Laughs.]

The Root: Which artistry came first? You’re such an amazing talent. Was it the piano, the singing, the songwriting, the acting?

Nahadr: I guess it was the conscious recognition of music. As a baby, I plucked a piano. But eventually, I found [the piano] within my own physical being; everywhere I went, there it was. [Laughs.] Then I began to sing.