M. Nahadr's Eclectic Artistry

A conversation with performance artist M. Nahadr on her latest disc, 'EclecticIsM,' and what she calls her 'uniqueness.'

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The Root: Yes, I do get it. But I also argue that it takes a while for people to get to that perspective and self-acceptance. I think all of us have been teased, especially during childhood for some perceived oddity, whether it’s wearing braces, being dark-skinned (or of fair complexioned), having freckles or whatever.

Nahadr: Indeed, it does. [Laughs.]

The Root: Which artistry came first? You’re such an amazing talent. Was it the piano, the singing, the songwriting, the acting?

Nahadr: I guess it was the conscious recognition of music. As a baby, I plucked a piano. But eventually, I found [the piano] within my own physical being; everywhere I went, there it was. [Laughs.] Then I began to sing.

The Root: Let’s talk about your new disc, EclecticIsM. You have a wonderful voice and have great songwriting skills. One of the things that impressed me most was that it didn’t have the cageyness of many “performance art” CDs. It’s fairly accessible with songs that you could actually bump inside a club.