Why Don’t You Follow Me? Authors on Twitter

Writers are connecting with their readers, 140 characters at a time.

Writer and a blogger.

Aliya S. King: @aliyasking

Writer based in New Jersey.

Melissa Harris Lacewell: @harrislacewell

Princeton prof and MSNBC regular.

Miles Marshall Lewis: @furthamucka

Bohemian B-boy expatriate in Paris blogging at Further Mucker.

Elisha Miranda: @elishamiranda

Published novelist, award-winning filmmaker and entrepreneur who creates profitable media for artists, networks and businesses.

Scott Poulson-Bryant: @SPBVIP

Writer/novelist, co-founding editor of VIBE magazine, and soon-to-be PhD student.

Felicia Pride: @feliciapride


Sofía Quintero: @sofiaquintero

Ivy League homegirl, cultural activist and urban goddess.

Lawrence Ross: @alpha1906


Earl Sewell: @earlsewell

National best-selling author.

Yasmin Shiraz: @YasminShiraz

Award winning author. Keynote speaker. Mentor. CEO. Producer.

Danyel Smith: @danamo

Novelist. Editor-in-chief VIBE Magazine/VIBE.com.

Lori L. Tharps: @MeltingpotLori

Writer, author, speaker, intensely interested in cultural collisions.

Toure: @ToureX

I got two kids, and I can’t believe it either.

Colson Whitehead: @colsonwhitehead

Another down-on-his-luck carny with a pocket full of broken dreams.

Sekou Writes: @SekouWrites
Author. Editor. Writer. Editor-in-chief of Uptown magazine’s Web site.


Felicia Pride is the book columnist for The Root and the founder of BackList. Her most recent book is The Message: 100 Life Lessons from Hip-Hop’s Greatest Songs. E-mail her here.