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Why Don’t You Follow Me? Authors on Twitter

Writers are connecting with their readers, 140 characters at a time.

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Twitter is the most recent Web phenomenon to prove that even the stupidest of ideas can be transformed into marketing brilliance. Many who left MySpace for Facebook have now graduated to Twitter, the new Internet time-waster of choice.

Twitter is a free service that allows users to tell what they are doing in 140 characters. And it is freakin’ addictive. Plus, it’s the perfect ego-builder: People who don’t even know you care about what you ate for breakfast. Writers, who often tend to work in isolation, are especially taking to it. More and more authors are taking advantage of Twitter’s power to connect with readers, distract them from finishing that manuscript and show that they are just as crazy/weird/normal/boring as everyone else.

Below are just some of the authors, along with their Twitter bios, who are letting you peek inside their lives. Disclaimer: This is far from an exhaustive list. Add to it. Tell us which authors you’re following in the comments section.

Abiola Abrams: @abiolatv

TV bigmouth, author of Dare, goddess passionista.

Donnell Alexander: @donnyshell

At work on forthcoming book, or hustling up freelance journalism gigs or trying to get paid from those gigs.

Keith Boykin: @keithboykin

CNBC contributor and editor of The Daily Voice.

Carleen Brice: @carleenbrice

Writer. Children of the Waters hits July ‘09.