Not Your Grandpa’s Dashiki

Africhic makes its mark on the fashion world.

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"It's about doing something that not everybody else is doing," is how Abnaa Dua-Sakyi sees it. Her line, House of Abnaa, is so popular that it is now being featured in select high-end boutiques in Europe and the United States.

Whether she's designing wedding gowns, cocktail dresses or pants suits, Dua-Sakyi ensures that her artistry is reminiscent of the continent which she believes is too easily overlooked or underestimated. "I think there is a strong call back to our roots. We're Africans, so why not do something that comes from inside of us? Why not do something that depicts our people in a positive light? There are a lot of good things happening in Africa."

Meri Nana-Ama Danquah is the editor of The Black Body, a collection of personal essays, which will be published this September by Seven Stories Press.