Cherry Pickin': A Morning Media Round-Up

Time to be in the know. The Los Angeles Times tells us Prop 8 challenges will begin in court today, BBC says Sudan's Bashir will try to wiggle out of his destiny, The Huffington Post reports New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is ready to drop a big elbow on Bank of America, and more. So sit back, click through and read up. And don't sweat it. The Buzz totally skimmed the reading.


TBT: Whatever your thoughts, the manner in which either argument is made will clearly demark our progress as people.


The San Francisco Chronicle: Homicide Victims Are Not Just Statistics

TBT: Absolutely thought-provoking, heart-rending and probably a Buzz item all its own.


TBT: Listen. When the guy's not following through on his jumper or crashing the offensive glass during his pick-up games, then we'll be worried.