Cherry Pickin’

Time to be in the know. The New York Times reveals Obama wants to join forces with Russia in a tag match against Iran, Michael Steele gets scolded by Michelle Malkin, The Hollywood Reporter says Angela Bassett is stepping behind the camera, and more. So sit back, click through and read up. And don't worry. The Buzz totally skimmed the reading.


The New York Times: Obama Sends Secret Letter to Russia, Possibly Accompanied By Decoder Ring

TBT: Allegedly, a multi-flag match in the steel cage has been offered as a solution to hostilities.


The Washington Post: Gunmen Attack Sri Lankan Cricket Team in Pakistan

TBT: When the sport of an unstsable region can’t remain beyond the reach of terror, that does not bode well for diplomacy.


The Daily Telegraph: Obama Cancels on PM Brown Because of Weather, England Confused

TBT: Brothas don’t do snow, guys. Cheers.