The Prose of Passion

Eleven great love stories on love and relationships.

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By L.A. Banks

St. Martin’s Griffin, February 2009

At times, the effects of love seem paranormal. So why not delve into another world, packed with demons, plagues and dark powers, to really see how powerful that four-letter word is? It’s a nontraditional romance that can tell us a lot about the battles we face to maintain order in our relationships and in this crazy world.

By Shakara Bridgers, Jeniece Isley and Joan A. Davis

Fireside, August 2008

Food holds its own erotic power. Hence that old-school saying about reaching one’s heart through his or her stomach. With recipes like “luscious candied sweets,” “oyster bisque,” and “so-serious suffocated pork chops” as well as menus for couple trips, the morning after and other relationship milestones, you’ll be traveling down the right romantic road with this cookbook as your guide.

By Dana Canedy

Random House, December 2008