The Audacity of Job Security

Journalists, like most people in the United States, are feeling the economic pinch as they watch their industry decline. Some are staying the course. Others are jumping to Team Obama, much to the annoyance of people who don't care for the 44th President. Is something rotten in the state of the free press?


The Buzz's Take: While The Buzz does have a healthy crush on BHO, there is something to be said for much of the media's borderline zealotism. While those who oppose the actions of Jill Zuckerman's generally have an axe to grind since their guy didn't win, there is something to be said for the spirit of the free press. People should be free to pursue happiness in whatever (legal) way they see fit, but members of the press, rightly or wrongly, are different. They are men and women apart, mantled with the task of bringing forth the news and events of the world. At their best, they as a buffer against those that would try to deceive us. At their worst, they facilitate the machinations of the corrupt. The Buzz isn't naive; ideologically and otherwise, someone is always in someone else's pocket. Still, it's the media's mean task to stay--or at least appear--above board. While there may be nothing untoward about such career changes, in the case of the journalist and the government he or she covers, the move is unseemly.

What say you?