Salma Hayek's Got Milk

The actress Salma Hayek decided to breastfed an African baby while on a humanitarian mission to Sierra Leone. Light woman, black baby? Have we seen this movie before?


While on a humanitarian mission to Sierra Leone, the actress Salma Hayek met a baby whose mother was unable to breastfeed. So Hayek, who is still nursing her own daughter, decided to breastfeed the child, a tender moment that was of course caught on tape. Was this a publicity stunt designed to top Madonna and Angelina, Cindy McCain combined? Was it a delicious racial reversal of the black wet-nurse archetype? Why didn't she just give a donation instead? The Buzz thinks we've witnessed a genuinely heartwarming expression of humanity that brings to mind the final scene of "The Grapes of Wrath." Sure, she could have given money, but what she gave money couldn't buy: her body, her anitbodies, herself.